Heracles Electronic Nose for Smell Analysis

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HERACLES is dedicated to the analysis of your products aromas as well as chemical molecules composing the odour. HERACLES uses flash gas chromatography and unique technical characteristics as dual column technology. This system provides unsurpassed performance in assessing the chemical composition and related sensory attributes.

GUARANTEED CONSISTENCY OVER TIME: a high level of columns protection (headspace injection & embedded trap limiting impurities, no oxygen in the columns with  carrier gas circulation) contributes to long-term stability. Fully automated operations and accurate temperature control produce a high level of measurements reproducibility and stability. Finally, machine calibration avoids potential drift.

HIGH SPEED & THROUGHPUT OF ANALYSIS: with Flash GC capabilities coupled with an autosampler, HERACLES can analyze up to 200 samples a day with a display of volatile profile less than 2 minutes.

UNSURPASSED SENSITIVITY: fast gas chromatography with embedded pre-concentration trap allows to reach very low detection thresholds on volatile compounds.


— Expert mode for parameters set-up and further analytical Investigations
— 380 ready-to-use analytical methods included


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