Arochembase Molecular Characterisation

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A unique database of molecules with numerous search capabilities to help identify the compounds detected when assessing odors. Based on the Kovats index, it delivers a list of possible molecules with related sensory attributes, sorted by relevance index.

 HERACLES NEO users: generated data are automatically integrated into AroChemBase software
 Most GC and GC-MS users: AroChemBase stand-alone software, compatible with any system equipped with a FID, PID or TCD detector
 Without instrument: anyone wishing to consult the chemical and sensory library
 Display all compounds potentially present
 Check the presence of a compound of interest
 Search all molecules from a chemical family
 Refine the search by selecting sensory attributes
 Focus the search on a specific product in the literature
 Aroma profiling
Chemical characterization
Sensory benchmarking as competitive products study, formulation, retro-engineering etc.
Off-odor identification useful to determine production defaults and investigate consumer claims

 99,000+ molecules with retention indices on several gas chromatography columns
 2,000+ compounds with related sensory attributes
 1,800+ molecules with human smell detection thresholds
 Based on 10,000+ publication references
 Customizable and flexible library