Astree Electronic Tongue for Taste Analysis

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ASTREE electronic tongue is an instrument dedicated to the analysis of your products taste. Based on ChemFET sensor technology and conductivity measurements, this device can detect organic and inorganic compounds responsible for taste in liquids in order to assess the overall taste profile, just as the human tongue does.

Key features

OBJECTIVE AND RELIABLE MEASUREMENT: The automated instrumental measurement under controlled conditions guarantees unbiased and reproducible results. The method is particularly suitable for the research and development of new formulations or finished products.

FAST ANALYSIS: The carrousel autosampler allows to fully automate the analysis sequence of a samples set, with a sample evaluated every 3 minutes.

POWERFUL QUANTITATIVE ABILITIES: with the electronic tongue sensors, it is possible to simultaneously rank similar samples based on the intensity of salty, acid and umami attributes.

SAFE METHOD: using the electronic tongue prevents from exposing panelists to unknown or potentially dangerous compounds.

Powerful analytical Capabilities

Taste maps for easy and fast comparison on the overall taste fingerprint: benchmarking, recipe optimization, taste stability follow-up, impact of a change in ingredient or process on the taste

Quantitative analysis of taste masking efficiency

Ranking on taste attributes intensity for saltiness, umami and sourness

Quantitative analysis in correlation with a sensory panel