IRIS Electronic Eye for Colour & Shape Analysis

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Based on high resolution camera imaging under controlled lighting conditions in a closed cabinet, IRIS visual analyzer achieves a detailed measurement of products aspect (colors and shapes). The instrument can evaluate the whole product as perceived by the consumer or focus on selected portions.

Key Features:

OBJECTIVE AND RELIABLE VISUAL ASSESSMENT:Unaffected by product consistency or texture, IRIS achieves reproducible color and shape measurements under controlled conditions and assures product traceability through data storage.

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: the instrument measures both color and shape parameters in one acquisition on the whole product. It does not deliver a mean value but determines the proportion of each visible color, color distribution and variations across the surface as well as information such as circularity, area or surface ratio between minimum and maximum size.

EASY AND FAST METHOD: this non-destructive analysis requires no sample preparation and is suitable for complex and non-uniform areas. Thanks to a large measurement surface, sample size is seldom an issue, which also allows to assess several samples in one analysis.

Powerful analytical Capabilities

 Visual conformity control to check that it meets acceptable quality standards

 Visual defect detection

 Size distribution control in mixes or batches

 Color stability testing over time, assessment of aspect change over time

 Evaluation of process impact on the visual aspect Benchmarking of competitive products based on visual aspect