Rubix-Watch Tower I

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Autonomous & Wireless Fence line monitoring of Voc, Odors & Air pollutants Network of field-based Gas & Odors analyzers

WT 1 : Monitor emissions and assess their impact in real-time

Watchtower 1 provides on line autonomous outside air emission monitoring station based on various gas sensors in arrays that provides low ppb gas, (H2S,RSH, NO2, NH3, SO2 …). VOC, Odors, noise and particles detection correlated with Dynamic olfactometry with high accuracy in ppm, ppb or OU/M3 . Those on line Instruments provides the monitoring of plant emissions, and the process control capability with automatic triggering and sampling devices.Watchtower 1 is equipped with up to 6 Electrochemical cells among 20 ( H2S NH3, RSH, NO2, NO, SO2, O3 … ), 4 MOS sensors for odors, and PID in option. The instrument provides on line automatic reading of gas concentrations and you can create automatic alarm based on each MOS sensors or on their combined output for automatic alarms. Particle size monitoring can be added as an optional modules from 0,3 to 17 μm. Correlation with OU can be provided via automatic on line sampling and dynamic olfactometry or field olfactometry and a simple correlation model building. The instrument provides on line (PC, Tablets, and phone) automatic reading of gas concentration, automatic alarms. Cutting Edge data processing provides on line correlation with gas and sensory perception and allows impact and plume prediction.

Who use the WT 1
• Sewage                  • Landfill                                  • Waste water
• Rendering              • Aroma & fragrances              • Industrial sites
• Communities          • Engineering consultancies

24/7 measurement of emission concentrations

ODOR: odor unit (EN 13725,ASTM E679)

AIR QUALITY STANDARD: USEPA ( 40 CFR Part 53), EU ( 2008 /50/EC)

POLLUTANT GASES: in ppm or ppb H2S , NH3 plus 4 micro MOS for
• Global VOC
• Mercaptans
• Ammonia
• Aldehydes Detection in low ppb

NOISE MONITORING: FFT Microphone for noise monitoring in DB