ARCS(Automated Recruiting and Communication System)

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ARCS is for any company that manages or maintains a database of participants / panelists / employees for regular on-going contact / engagement. ARCS clients are from small facilities up to enterprise organizations

Following are common problems are encountered when trying to setup and manage a consumer research panel:

  1. Too many different software packages.
    • You often need one to collect participant data, one to Manage Participants, one to email and engage with your panel and another to report on the data.
  2. Require too much manual work.
    • Many require manual quota checking, manual recruiting, and manual scheduling after participants are screened and qualified.
    • Keeping your panel up-to-date from surveys collected could get daunting.
  3. Managing an engaged panel to improve participation rates.
    • The response rates for participants answering screeners continues to decline and it is getting harder and harder to reach participants—even if they’ve expressed interest.
  4. Surveys can be boring – don’t always provide a full picture
    • Getting product feedback via surveys and screeners is boring and tedious for the participant and many times does not provide the full picture of the participant’s motivations.
  5. Keeping up with Security and compliance in an age where privacy concerns are high.
    • Some software may be secure, but the survey data transfer is not, or they don’t meet the mandated security for all industries (so you can’t use them for every research type).
  6. And some nickel and dime you
    • Charging for every component, every survey, making it shockingly expensive.

ARCS solves all of this by providing access to the participant data quickly and easily. Participants can be contacted, screened and scheduled all in one software. ARCS tracks participation, incentives and engagement history.

There are five MAIN reasons to consider the ARCS system:

  1. A LEADER in Panel Management
  2. Absolute BEST screening, recruiting and scheduling tool
  3. One of the industry’s MOST expansive touch point / respondent contact systems
  4. One of the BEST in research community management
  5. One of the MOST secure

Plus, one of the MOST inclusive pricing models!