Olfactometry Port for GC/GC-MS

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Olfactory Port for GC/GCMS
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GC-Olfactometry Method for Food, Flavor and Fragrances

GC-O refers to Gas Chromatography coupled with Olfactometry. A human (panelist) is one of the detectors and works in parallel with a GC detector. GC-O combines human perception and scientific response to help professionals link chemical compound to the emotional sense elicited by the said compounds.It allows one to characterize the flavors and fragrances and identify specific chemical compounds within them.GC-O exhibits powerful capabilities that can be applied to flavors and perfumes, as well as to any odoriferous products (e.g. pollutants).

The Sniffer 9100 System is designed to be a dedicated Sniffing-port as a stand alone unit to be connected to any GC available on the market. It is also available as a complete system.

GC-Olfactometry theory is simple to understand. By installing at the end of a chromatographic column a split, the sample is splitted between the FID Detector and the nose. The peak/odor impression correlation will then be performed by specialized fragrance chemists.At the heart of the Sniffer 9100 GC-O system is the dedicated GC/Olfactometer heated Interface.Brechbühler has over 46 years experience in implementing hyphenated techniques by using special designed interfaces.The Sniffer 9100 System is engineered to transfer the effluent preserving the entire high resolution available on capillary gas chromatography and is chemically inert to preserve the chemical identities.The mechanical interface is manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel tubing heated by direct current.The tube is profiled to give a uniform temperature profile. The chemical compound are transported to the nose using a deactivated fused silica.Humid air is added around the transfer fused silica to add comfort to the panelist and prevent nasal dryness.