Software for Panel Management

ARCS® provides your panel members with an engaging experience to self-schedule and respond to studies while improving your operations’ efficiency. ARCS panel management platform helps you find and qualify the right people, schedule them for studies, and optimize panel engagement.


Build & grow your panel


Identify the ideal participant


Automate & fill study quotas


Build & grow your panel

Manage Participation & Engagement

The ability to manage and maintain “highly engaged” participants is key to successful study completion. With access to ARCS’ engaging member portal, you can easily manage participants to schedule them for studies, conduct screeners and surveys, and build profiles. The tools provided also allow you to control communication frequency while empowering your participants to decide how they would like to engage.

Reward Your Participants

ARCS can help you create your custom incentive program with gift cards, products, or points. The system’s tools can automate reward management while retaining full control of incentives.

ARCS Cloud

Businesses face new priorities every day. Whether it be an increasing need to deliver projects quickly, improving panel engagement, or better tracking of internal resources, the ARCS Cloud enables your organization to build, manage, and engage your panel with a set of industry leading tools quickly, easily and economically.

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