Arochembase Molecular Characterisation

AROCHEMBASE,smell analysis module

AroChemBase, a smell analysis module with unique performance
AroChemBase software module is designed to help identify and characterize the chemical molecules detected when analyzing smell with HERACLES Neo electronic nose or any instrument based on gas chromatography technology.

Based on the Kovats index, AroChemBase module delivers a list of possible compounds sorted by relevance index. With information on the sensory attributes related to the chemical compounds and human detection thresholds, samples can be further evaluated on their organoleptics features.

AroChemBase is also a database of chemical compounds with related sensory notes that offers advanced search capabilities for smell analysis, and that can be further enriched with users’ measurement data.

This odour analysis module is a unique tool for odour and aroma evaluation using gas chromatography:

  • More than 99,000 chemical compounds with name, chemical formula, CAS number, retention indices on several chromatography columns
  • About 3,500+ molecules characterized by 550+ sensory attributes
  • More than 1800 molecules with human odor detection threshold

Applications of AroChemBase odour analysis module

Specifically designed to rapidly define a sensory profile and a chemical and sensory characterization, AroChemBase module is particularly recommended for applications that require more than an odour fingerptint analysis, such as:

  • Qualification of the aromatic profile of a product and of sensory notes involved
  • Characterization of the chemical composition of the smell thanks to gas chromatography technology
  • Sensory benchmarking of competitive products or reference products
  • Re-formulation of products or retro-engineering to optimize its aroma characteristics
  • Off-odours investigation: identification of chemical compounds behind a defect producing a bad odour or a customer claim
  • Identification of molecules responsible for a change of smell during product ageing.

AlphaSoft,Sensory Analysis Software

AlphaSoft software operates all Alpha MOS instruments:

  • HERACLES electronic nose
  • ASTREE electronic tongue
  • IRIS electronic eye.

It allows to monitor instruments settings, define analysis methods and sequences, run analysis and perform data acquisition.

It also achieves the data processing of Alpha MOS instruments measurements, using different models based on the application:

  • Qualitative models: comparison of several samples on overall odor/taste/visual aspect, samples classification based on a criterion, quality/conformity control, shelf life monitoring
  • Quantitative models: prediction of measurable parameters such as a concentration or a sensory attribute intensity.

Data processing modules (statistics packages, AroChemBase) can also be used to compute data from other analytical instruments.

AlphaSoft anticipates maintenance needs and avoids losing time on lab activity.

Thanks to this unique software platform, it is possible to combine HERACLES, ASTREE and IRIS results to have an overall point of view of products sensory features.