MSEM 160 Portable Monitor

MSEM 160 Portable Monitor

Sensigent’s newest products are Multi-Sensor Environmental Monitors (MSEM). An MSEM™ uses a diverse set of sensor technologies and proprietary multi-sensor data fusion algorithms for measurement and analysis of complex mixtures including aromas and malodors in many settings.

The MSEM™ 160 is a chemical and mixture detection, identification and monitor system in a rugged, compact, battery-operated configuration for use in QC and R&D laboratories as well as leak detection and environmental monitoring. Used as an eNose, the MSEM 160 learns the headspace composition of your products to confirm proper formulation, detect and identify off-odors or stability issues, and support sensory evaluations of product aromas and odors. Used as a monitor in the factory or field, the MSEM 160 detects and quantifies odors and chemicals in the air and leaks from storage containers and pipelines during routine inspections. The MSEM 160 is available in three standard configurations for:

  • Malodors like H2S, NH3, CH3SH, organo-sulfur and -nitrogen compounds and mixtures,
  • Aromas like alcohols, aldehydes, terpenes and mixtures of volatile and semivolatile organic compounds (VOCs),
  • Pollutants including CO, O3, NOx, SOx and other regulated gases and mixtures.

Custom configurations are available for a wide range of toxic gases, refrigerants and to meet customer requirements for monitoring and testing specific products and formulations. Optional accessories available for the MSEM 160 are:

  • AS-Kit sample collection kits for air, breath or custom calibrations (pumps, mouthpieces, sample bags, filters),
  • CAL-Kit sensor calibration kits with standard gases for bump testing and sensor calibration,
  • AUTO-Kit a multiplexing autosampler to monitor multiple reaction vessels, growth chambers or test dozens of samples set up for unattended measurement and data logging.

The MSEM 160 uses Sensigent’s multi-sensor data fusion technology to combine data from multiple types of sensors to enable simultaneous measurement of individual chemicals (in ppm or mg/m3), aromas and odors (in OU/m3) or other mixtures. Direct comparison to sensory panel test scores is facilitated by the factory calibration of the aroma or odor intensity.

Use the MSEM 160 indoor as an eNose for QC tests and to inspect production processes for leaks and chemical releases. Use it outdoor to monitor odor levels and chemicals from wastewater, landfills, composting, fumigation, rendering, chemical storage and other odor-producing processes.

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