OralChroma is a device which can separate halitosis into 3 components and measure each gas concentration. It is an apparatus to acquire data to use for reference of medical treatment by the dentist.OralChroma-dossier-eng

Halitosis measurement
Actually general dentist aren’t prepared for manage this pathology since they don’t have neither the instruments nor the correct training. Etiologic diagnosis is crucial, since no-objective-basis empirical treatments are ineffective.
The only method that is sable to set the origin of bad breath is gas cromatography, so that this is nowadays considered as gold standard. OralChroma can indentify and distinguish between Volatile Sulfide Compounds (VSC) that cause bad breath (Hydrogen Sulfuide,Methymercaptan and Dimethyl sulfide). It’s able to determinate gas concentration in units of ng/ml and ppb, while human nose can only detects gases from 150 ppb, resulting the OralChroma up to 150 times more sensitive.
The equipment is small, light, easy to carry and handle.